Dolly Delicious

Cabaret, Fire Performance & Stilt Walking!

Dolly Delicious is an East Sussex based fire-breather, stilt walker & cabaret performer, she performs solo & as part of troupe Les Ooh La Las at cabaret evenings, music festivals & private events.

Dolly Delicious is an experienced, multi-skilled performer with more than one trick in her bra!

Charleston Burlesque 20's Flapper Girl Dolly Delicious East Sussex

Cabaret & Burlesque

Dolly sizzles in her burlesque shows & enjoys cooling off her admirers with a splash of bath-time or paddling pool fun!

Fire Performer Body Burning Fakir Dolly Delicious East Sussex

Fire & Angle Grinding Performance

Things go with a bang when this damsel lets sparks fly with her angle grinder, eats & breathes fire or spins her fire tassels!

Stilt Walker Moulin Rouge Las Vegas Dolly Delicious East Sussex

Stilt Walking

This stilt walking vixen has many demeanours, which always leave her audience hot under the collar!